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Ascension: Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light

Full, Unabridged 286-page Audio Book

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You will never die. Beyond the mortal boundaries of your physical form, you are an immortal being, living forever in a beauteous, radiant body of luminous spheres in multiple dimensions. Ascension - Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light will open your eyes to these spheres. You will begin to awaken your true, immortal self - a magnificent being of brilliant light, radiance, and glory.

Ascension leads you into the depths of your being to recover what might be called your higher self, guardian angel, inner guru, spiritual guide, master-teacher, or God within. You will meet and consciously communicate with deities, angels, archangels, and masters from worldwide traditions, as well as divine beings personal and unique to you. All of them are eager to meet andcommunicate with you.

In this unabridged audio book, you will discover:

  • How to meet the ascended masters and angels of light.
  • Stories, beautiful paintings, and drawings of these immortal beings.
  • What it means to experience ascension and walk beyond death.
  • Stories about visitations from divine beings.
  • People living today who might be ascended masters.
  • Inspiring messages from the immortal masters and deities.

Audio Files, copyright Susan Shumsky 2012

Paintings of Ascended Masters and Beings of Light

34 High Resolution Jpeg Files

Copyright Susan Shumsky 2010

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Now you can enjoy Dr. Susan Shumsky's beautiful paintings of aspects of your higher self, divine beings, immortal sages, ascended masters of East and West, the White Brotherhood, deities, saints, seers, prophets, angels, archangels, and holy men and women of many spiritual traditions.

All of these pictures are depicted in black and white in Dr. Shumsky's book Ascension, but those offered here are in full, glorious color. These high resolution files can be printed out in any size. They can be printed out and laminated, printed on canvas -- even silk-screened on t-shirts. These amazing paintings will grace your home, meditation room, or sacred space with high vibrational energies.

"Avatars and Ascended Masters Are Real!"

Video File: 90-minute Teleseminar

A $200 Value!

You will never die. Beyond the mortal boundaries of your mortal form, you are an immortal being, living forever in a beauteous, radiant body of luminous spheres in multiple dimensions. Dr. Susan Shumsky will open your eyes to these spheres. You will begin to awaken your true, immortal self--a magnificent being of brilliant light, radiance, and glory.

In this Teleseminar with Dr. Susan Shumsky, you will learn:

  • How to meet the ascended masters and angels of light.
  • Amazing stories of immortal beings.
  • What it means to experience ascension and walk beyond death.
  • Stories about direct visitations from divine beings.
  • People living today who might be ascended masters.
  • How George Washington and the founding fathers were visited by ascended masters
  • Reports of ascended masters disappearing with a flash of light
  • Secrets of the real fountain of youth and Philosopher's Stone
  • Great saints of India who live in eternal youth
  • Corpses that remain fresh and sweet-smelling for up to 1800 years.
  • Incorruptible ancient corpses such as Saint Nicolas, which exude copious healing balm.
  • Real-life stories of immortal Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and Taoist masters
  • Encounters with people who have lived hundreds or thousands of years.
  • How to directly contact and communicate with ascended masters

You will learn about real ascended masters, avatars, immortal beings, walk-ins, the Great White Lodge and Brotherhood, immortal elixirs, soma, ringsels, incorruptible corpses, and so much more.

Copyright Susan Shumsky 2012

“Ascension: Meeting the Masters of Immortality” Plus Meditation to Experience Ascended Light Body

Conscious Life Expo, Recorded Live

Video File: 1:33:14

A $100 Value!

Is immortal life a fantasy? Or is it possible for human beings to life forever in a body of radiant divine light? Amazingly, many cultures give credence to the possibility of ascension or eternal life.

Dr. Susan Shumsky, author, spiritual teacher, and artist, will present a magnificent narrated slide show featuring her beautiful inspiring watercolor paintings of deities, angels, and Ascended Masters. During this show she will tell amazing stories about these immortal beings who live eternally in a body of brilliant light. Then she will lead a guided meditation specifically designed to raise your spiritual vibration and help you begin your own process of ascension.

In this awe-inspiring workshop, you will:

  • See beautiful paintings of deities and other divine beings of many cultures.
  • Hear amazing stories about these luminous, resplendent beings of light.
  • Discover your choices in life, death, afterlife, spiritual enlightenment, and ascension.
  • Learn how you can transform your physical body into a body of light.
  • Experience the quickening of Spirit pervading and lifting your body and mind.

“Ascension: Living Forever in a Body of Light” Plus Special Body-Transmutation Meditation

Audio File Recorded Live: 1:16:10

A $100 Value!

Explore the status of an ascended master, mastery over life and death! Practice bodily immortality and continual renewal. Heal what has prevented you fromcreating miracles on a daily basis. Experience yourself as who you really are (divine), rather than who you thought you were (the ego). You are a magnificent light-being of great power and energy. Your higher nature is pure light and love, and in this workshop, you will experience oneness with that energy. Walk through the veil that has separated you from God. Be that divine beingness right now.

Dr. Susan Shumsky will guide you into a powerful meditation that is unavailable anywhere else, in which you will experience the body consumed by the elements of nature and transmuted into a light body.

In this awe-inspiring, powerful, profound workshop, you will:

  • Experience your true nature of oneness and wholeness.
  • Reveal the secret of what prevents you from experiencing ascension.
  • Make a conscious decision to ascend and live that oneness in every moment.
  • Experience God-realization and God-consciousness through meditation.
  • Experience divine love, light, grace, energy, and power pouring into your energy field.
  • Come home to the comfort, security, joy, and fulfillment of God's loving presence.
  • Experience Ascension directly in a very special, unprecedented, profound meditation given to Dr. Shumsky directly from Babaji.

"Kumbh Mela--Nectar of Immortal Life"

Video File Recorded Live: 1:15:00

A $100 Value!

Since 2001, Dr. Susan Shumsky has taken tour groups to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad and Haridwar, India. She will present a narrated slide show of hundreds of stunning photographs so you can visit and experience this awesome event yourself. This amazing slide show includes historic details with inspiring, informative storytelling. A staggering 100 million people attended the 2001 Kumbh Mela—the "greatest recorded number of human beings assembled with a common purpose."—Guinness Book of Records.

Maha Kumbh Mela ("great festival of the pot of nectar of immortality") is a spiritual gathering in Allahabad, India, where three sacred rivers meet: Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. There saints, seers, sages, and seekers bathe at the auspicious moment—once every 12 years. Holy men and women from Himalayan caves make a rare appearance to bless the people at this extraordinary event. Kumbh Fair is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the lucky ones. During this awe-inspiring workshop, you will experience this amazing once-in-a-lifetime blessing for yourself:

  • Understand and experience Gandhi's contribution to non-violence and world peace.
  • Experience how 100 million people can come together in complete peace and harmony.
  • Experience spiritual blessings directly from the Saints of India
  • Receive darshan (blessings) of Himalayan saints, yogis, Dalai Lama, and 4 Shankaracharyas.
  • Learn about Indian culture, religion, and profound spirituality.
  • Feel the profound love and harmony that characterized the festival.
  • Understand how profound faith can lead to a season of non-violence for all humanity.

Guided "Breakthrough Meditation"

70 Minute Audio File

A $60 Value!

Description: This special file helps you open to the inner voice through apowerful, field-proven guided meditation that tens of thousands have used to successfully develop their intuition in a practical way. During this session, Dr. Shumsky will personally guide you into a profound, deep meditation, in which will open the pipeline to direct contact with God and begin the flow of divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from the center of being within.

During this meditation, you will:

  • Pass through the seeming veil that has separated us from God.
  • Experience the supernal light of the divine presence and Holy Spirit directly.
  • Heal ego blockages that have prevented clear inner divine contact and communication.
  • Learn how to hear the inner voice and receive messages from the true voice of Spirit.
  • Receive clear divine inner contact--the experience of divine love, light, profound peace, harmony, and contentment.
  • Receive at least one inner name of a divine being or deity within you.

Guided Meditation for Daily Use

30 Minute Audio File

A $30 Value!

Description: This 30-minute guided meditation can help you quiet your mind and open your heart so you can hear that divine voice and receive divine messages, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from within yourself. The soothing voice of Dr. Susan Shumsky will guide you into a very deep meditative state. Then you can practice receiving messages and getting answers to your questions from your own higher self.

Ascension Panel - Recorded Live at Los Angeles Alchemy Event

Video File Recorded Live: 1:01:18

A $50 Value!

See what some of the nation’s foremost Ascension Experts say about what Ascension REALLY is.

Host: Saeed David Farman.

Panel Speakers: Dr. Susan Shumsky, Dr. Lauren Amber Serna, Dr. BasiaDurnas, Robert Potter, Ed Harkness Spina, and “ Eric the Healer

Dr. Basia is an empath, a natural healer and a medical intuitive. Her spiritual training began at the age of 3 when Ascended Masters came to instruct her inthe balanced use of The Divine Forces of Love, Wisdom & Power. Ordained as a Religious Science Minister practicing Ascension principles and teaching techniques to raise the vibrational frequency of our bodies, allowing them to hold more light and ignite the process of ascension.

Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. His first book, Mystic Warrior, won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction and a Nautilus Silver Book Award for Fiction. Ed is also a contributing author, along with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and others, to the bestseller, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Ed is also the developer of Energy Center Clearing, which flushes low vibrational energies that lead to stress, fear, anger and hatred from a person's being and replaces them with higher vibrational energies that leaves you feeling light, free and energized.

Rob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Germany and USA. He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975 with (the late) Dr. Fred Bell in Laguna Beach at the age of 18. He has traveled extensively in his search for truth, and has spent time with Sai Baba in India. Rob is considered an expert in pyramidology and the uses of crystals. He is a master healer in the art of laying on hands and almost every modality of massage.

Lauren Amber Serna: CHT, EFT, RMT, Intuitive Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer. Lauren’s mission is one of love and compassion. She was born a natural healer, always gravitating to helping others. She believes that joy is a state of mind, and whether or not you choose to be in that state determines if life will be pleasurable. There are specific tools, techniques, and processes to help achieve the state of a peaceful, balanced, joyous life. Her mission is to help you transform the pain, grief, sadness, fear and separation, into clarity and understanding, to release the blocks that hold you back. She is able to help you discover how to create the life you’ve always wanted, while allowing a space for transformation to take place.

All files are copyright Susan Shumsky 2013, all rights reserved.

Testimonials for Ascension:

"Ascension takes off in a vast new direction. I really believe your insights into yourself and the world in which you live will be altered forever by reading this book. Congratulations Susan on another mind opener!"--James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium, author Unfinished Business


"I love Dr. Susan Shumsky and her books. I'm excited to say she has written andillustrated yet another magnificent book. In her original and unique work Ascension--Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light, she manages to unearth arcane mystery teachings that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Ascension not only tells the history legends of various Immortal Masters and Ascended Beings, but it also provides the secret keys that unlock the door to physical immortality. Think about it. Read this one right now!"--Dr. Joe Vitale, author The Attractor Factor


"This is a good collection of historical people rarely found in one place. Everyone can think about them to activate more of our divine potential."--Leonard D. Orr, founder of Rebirthing, author Breaking the Death Habit: The Science of Everlasting Life.


"This book will be a thrill to your soul! It will move you from the mundane to the miraculous. Everyone deserves to know their true potential and you will be in radical amazement that Physical Immortality and Ascension can be yours. Thank you, Susan. Your work is amazing."--Sondra Ray, Author of l7 books, including Rock Your World With The Divine Mother


This is the most stunning, awesome book about Ascension I have ever read. The book is fascinating. I could not put it down. The stories are fantastic and incredibly inspiring. Who knew that people of today live as ascended masters? I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks they know what 'ascension' or 'avatars' are, because they likely don't have a clue. Shumsky knows, and she shares this information so beautifully and meaningfully with us. She has been practicing spirituality and meditation for well over 40 years, studying over 22 years in an ashram with famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra, and founder of Transcendental Meditation. She was on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years. She is a pioneer in this field, and she knows how to make this deeply arcane subject understandable for the rest of us." - George, New York City.


"Dr Shumsky makes a topic that is normally considered obscure or difficult easy to understand. By reading her book I realized that contacting God is SIMPLE & easy. Anyone can do it by following a few easy steps. It is our nature to be connected to God as we are made in the image of God. This book will changeyour life by teaching you how to change into what you really already are! In this book Shumsky takes us on adventures all over the world to introduce us to immortal beings of all cultures. The book is packed with fascinating stories about real people who have lived for hundreds or thousands of years. She also narrates many amazing tales about direct physical visitations from these immortal beings. She gives an overview of Ascension, Ascended Masters, and Ascended Master teachings worldwide. But the most amazing thing about the book is that, not only does she make these divine beings familiar and accessible, but she also gives us hope that we can attain such an elevated state ourselves. It is a great inspiration to all of us." - Nancy Gibson, Fairfield, Iowa


"It was interesting to learn about the various Masters who have ascended. Those who are ready, will. Those who are not interested or do not have the desire, will eventually reach a life time when it will be their ultimate goal." - Anne L. Peterson


"Another great book By Susan Shumsky. Her talent at collecting relevant information and knowledge and organizing it simple terms is proven again in this latest writing. For those of you who enjoy giving your 'child within' a encouraging boost,.. read this book. Ascension is described as within the reach of us all. The meditation and spiritual practices of many well known and some not so well known masters are also described. So, you can test this for yourself. If the world has choked some of your faith, this will help fan the flame again. As you read of others who have found the Truth that has set them free. Even if you do not believe in total ascension for every person or yourself it does show that even normal people can attain the various levels of getting closer to God. These inspiring life histories can make real what many consider only a fantasy world. Beings of Light guiding our planet and living in this world. Not just in Heaven, away from the mess of the world, but right here. In each of our hearts and minds." - Timothy Schrader, Boynton Beach, FL


"Here is a beautiful, thoughtful work with fascinating information on humanity's potential to ascend beyond the body, perhaps leaving no form behind. Susan shares what ascension is and who has ascended, with rare illustrations and mind-boggling accounts. Most highly recommended!" - Joanna Cherry, Mt. Shasta, CA


"Author Susan Shumsky has spent many years studying immortal masters and beings of light. In this book she presents short and fascinating bios of many, many of the ascended. I couldn't put the book down. The writing style is easy to read and the information is well-sourced with an extensive list of books and websites consulted. The illustrations are wonderful and add to the knowledge presented by the written word. Topics covered include meeting the masters of light, mystical encounters, building your light body (this section includes a fascinating chapter on incorruptible bodies of the saints), how to ascend, and working with your inner teachers. Meditation scripts are provided along with sources for CD's and guided meditation materials. Actually ascending and becoming pure energy and light is not something that happens overnight, but is a goal. If you are interested in furthering your spiritual growth and raising your awareness, Ascension is a must have." - L.C. Evans


"Dr Susan Shumsky's ability to explain and embrace our connection with the Immortal Masters is masterful and thought-provoking. Her stories will help you understand your journey in this life and beyond. A powerful must read!" - L. Johnston, Burbank, CA


"Thanks you, Dr. Susan Shumsky, for teaching and big thanks for writing. Having a book in hand is a wonderful addition to what she teaches, and this book is an education. One reads and becomes 'an explorer of eternity.' Susan writes as if she is talking to us, and soon we are accustomed to a gentle teaching of what has been available but somewhat inaccessible until now. Dr. Shumsky introduces us to numerous ascended masters. There are stories and antidotes that inspire and amuse. Mythical beings, saints, the Buddhas, and everyday people all have stories that open the doors in our minds to ascension. This could be a much longer book, a history, but we were promised something else. All the chapters and stories make us ready for the practical steps that bring us to soar into a larger awareness of what other masters have accomplished. She helps us open our hearts and cross boundaries we may not have known, then brings us safely home." - Connie


"This book was a pleasure to read and exactly the book to bring into your awareness the ancient knowledge you need to know in order to break free of your limitations and achieve the ultimate supreme state also known as, Brahman. It was such an easy read, filled with information that came through so clearly! Read about divine beings and practical how to's that allow you to flow through your very own ascension process. Love it!" - Maggie Anderson, Whitinsville, MA


"Susan Shumsky's masterful book Ascension awakens the reader to the vision of immortality. Up until now the majority of humanity has identified themselves as their physical body, perishable, fleeting, subject to birth, survival, growth, transition, decay and death. However, with the latest developments in quantum physics Susan shows us that beyond the mortal boundaries of physical form, we embody luminous vibratory bodies in multiple dimensions. Her research and capsule bios of ascended masters is well documented and worth reading. This book opens your eyes to your magnificent being and unlimited possibilities. It will awaken your immortal self as you delve deeper into discovering the wisdom within and connect with your inner guides. You are meant to ascend. This book will guide you to ascension on the physical plane." - Theresa Maria Napa, Chicago, IL


"Dr Susan's Ascension is a beautiful book filled with wisdom and insights. It brings higher light, consciousness, demensions and possibilities to your journey on earth. It truly nurtures and comforts your heart at a very deep level. I highly recommend reading Dr Shumsky's book, Ascension, as food for your soul." - Ping Li, New Jersey


"I have just finished reading this book and loved it. I usually think of ascension beliefs as being part of the recent new age era but I loved the detailed descriptions and introductions of immortal beings through religions and cultures east and west, ancient and very recent and living beings that are in connection with God and experiencing the divine and living as light beings here and now. Love and light are all that we each are and we can each, if we choose, break through to experience and begin a real relationship with the God Being within and begin to be guided by and express that God Being." - Maggie Hux, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


"I am just beginning my spiritual journey, and Dr. Susan Shumsky's book, Ascension, Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light has helped me immensely. A wonderful guide throught the centuries, this book explores the many ascended masters - those mortals who became immortal through theirascension. Whether you're a Buddhist or a Christian or anything thing in between, this book is for you. It's not about any specific belief so much as a study of those who have ascended into the Light. A wonderful reference for anyone on a spiritual journey, this book is a must have on your bookshelf. Don't miss it - a great gift for spiritual novices or those already truly evolved!" - Denise Cassino, Denver, Colorado


"I am a novice in the spiritual world, but was compelled to read this marvelous book by Dr. Susan Shumsky. This is a journey through time which introduces us to the many spiritual masters who have brought enlightenment to the masses. With deliberate study of people (who are known as ascended masters), their beliefs, influence and experiences, Dr. Shumsky helps us understand the steps toward the Light and even offers a meditation to help us arrive. I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in any religion or in furthering their knowledge of spirituality. I've ordered her other books as well." - Lon, Colorado


"Dr. Shumsky has created another masterpiece. The depth of her detailed teachings and the beauty of the artwork help to ease our understanding of those that have gone before us. She also introduces us to those in the physical realm that are working on Ascension. Among them are Joanna Cherry who is a leading authority on Ascension. I have participated in her workshops at Mt. Shasta - fantastic. I highly recommend Ascension by Dr. Shumsky. May all who read this be blessed AND SO IT IS!" - Rev. Mike Wanner, Circle of Miracles Minister, Philadelphia, PA


"I saw this book recommended by another favorite author, so I purchased it.Although I have not quite finished it, I am so impressed by this book that I have already purchased two more books by Susan. This newest book imparts so much knowledge about the ascended masters and other Heavenly beings. I had read similar books that discussed some aspects of ascended masters, but this book covers much more and contains so many more details. The photographs, paintings, and prints are astounding! I would highly recommend the book to anyone who is just beginning the journey Home or to those already on the Path. It is a wonderful reminder of those who have laid the foundation and built the road and are awaiting our call for assistance when and if we need it. With the instructions given in this book, we can now understand just how to ask for that help. Thank You, Susan." - D.C. Durham, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC


"Susan Shumsky has gotten it down in print again - a masterful primer on a timeless and current spiritual goal - Ascension. Popular culture talks about ascension - coming soon; for the whole planet; vibrations and timeshifts lifting us. Dr. Susan provides a wide-reaching survey of many ascended masters, from many traditions, all over the world. Susan's spiritual travels and tours, as well as her dedicated spiritual education and experience over her lifetime, make her an extremely appropriate spokesperson on world masters. Her research filled me in on some teachers I have been exposed to, and introduced me to many teachers I had not yet known. Her capsule bios whetted my interest in finding out more about ascended masters and about my ascension. Her explanations and meditations brought an understanding of ascension home to me. Ascension is where life is headed. I highly recommend this essential foundation piece for building the path to the Light." - Nimueh Rephael, Phoenix, AZ


"I have all of Susan's books and like the rest of them, this book is a very interesting read and very helpful. It has a lot of information, much of which i already know, because of my healing work, but this gave me a new understanding of working with the Masters." - Bonnie A. Welch, Arizona


"Susan's book came to me at the right perfect time, I am 62 and have prayed all my life some answered , some not. Which I told my self well I must not have deserved what I was praying for, In reading Susan's books I found out that I am always deserving of gods love and that he dose not judge me as not deserving. I learned to pray in the now, Knowing that gods goodness for me is always happening, I learned how to recognize the small voices of God that were so subtle I never noticed them. I flash back to many times I felt or heard a small voice and said oh wow that what that was , god speaking to me . I know trust that voice or feeling . Please know that my spiritual journey is not a new path , as I have always been a seeker of knowing god. My first book was Miracle Prayer. This book showed me perfect order and the perfect perspective. All of her books are very profound and I encourage all to experience at least one book and you will find this is not fly by the night new age. This Scientific prayer is what always has been. It is seeing god in perfection everywhere." - Linda De Narde, San Leandro, CA


"I interviewed Dr. Susan on my video interview show ( and found her to be warm and genuine. This book is a no nonsense guide toconnecting with our own intuition or higher self. Susan has a lot to say about how to connect with the part of us that guides us, why to connect and the fastest way to get there! This book will be an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn to tap more fully into other realms." - Michelle A. Vandepas, Colorado Springs, CO

About Dr. Susan Shumsky:

Susan Shumsky

Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the best-selling author of 11 books, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, and NewPage. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent more than 48 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition. Her book titles include Miracle Prayer, Divine Revelation, Exploring Meditation, Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, The Power of Chakras, and Awaken Your Third Eye.

Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was guru of the Beatles and guru of Deepak Chopra. Dr. Shumsky served on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years.

A sought-after media guest and highly acclaimed professional speaker, Dr. Shumsky has done over 700 speaking engagements and over 750 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman's World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, nationally syndicated TV and radio on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and William Shatner's Weird or What? She is featured in the movie Three Magic Words. Her website is


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